Pedro black and white lettering 5-04


Dame Elizabeth Taylor – Pedro club patron

  The Pedro Club was established in 1929 by Baroness Harwood and was revived in the 1960’s with the support of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who is still one of the clubs patrons up until her death in March 2011. Today the Pedro Club remains as one of the oldest functioning youth clubs within London.

Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron and his wife Samantha talk to dancers during a visit to The Pedro Youth Club in Hackney, London, Friday April 2nd, 2010. Photo By Andrew Parsons

The Pedro Club Boxing Show in the summer of 2014 was a perfect way to show how far the club has come and the day was a total success! A ring was set up in their outdoor space and throughout the afternoon young people of different ages took part in fights against participants from other …

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